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Creations for Charity 2021 wrap up

The 2021 fundraiser was nothing short of a spectacular success as we raised over $35,000, which almost doubled our previous record from 2020. We owe this to the tremendous generosity from the online Lego fan community. We had a great turnout for the 24-hour live stream, which made up the bulk of our funds raised. A huge thanks to the hosts of the stream this year, Josh Hanlon and Brian Saviano, who once again entertained us for 24-hours straight and smashed the fundraising goal multiple times throughout the stream!

Raising twice the amount than we planned meant we had to double our donations. All of our distribution coordinators from last year stayed on to donate Lego in their respective locations this year, and we also recruited five new/returning coordinators to expand our donation locations. On top of that, we increased the funds allocated to distributors by 50% so they can buy even more set to give to the children. You may notice that our donation collage looks different this year, that’s because there’s a lot more photos of Lego being given out around the world!

I’m excited about how much Creations for Charity has grown and changed over the years. I’m amazed to see the potential of livestream fundraising, which really enabled us to grow. At our core we will always be about builders selling their custom creations to raise money to buy Lego for kids in need. It’s a privilege to organize the fundraiser each year, and I thank you all for making it possible. I hope to see you in October for the 2022 fundraiser!

Nannan Zhang

Creations for Charity Founder and President


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