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Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - 2018

It seems like I’m one of the last to share my reactions on C4C each year. It’s difficult to say more than I have said in the past, and yet, each year I am thrilled at the prospect of contributing to the excitement and joy of children at Christmas. Even my own kids eagerly helped me select some sets this year to give to the donations.

This year in Grand Rapids, we were able to work with Billy Bear Hug Foundation again and are grateful continuebuilding and strengthening that relationship. They reach so many families in need of kindness during the holidays.

With the help of BBH and their student volunteers, we were able to reach _____ kids and shine a light. C4C continues to be a highlight in my year as an AFOL. So much thanks to all who contributed time, energy, and more to this year’s fundraiser.

From BBH: “In this season of giving, it’s important to remember those shouldering additional burdens as they observe the holidays. Our Youth Advisory Board members wrapped Christmas gifts for patients and families from @hospiceofmi’s pediatric hospice program. Thank you to @creationsforcharity2009 and @d.w.studiosmi for donating the amazing Lego sets and all of our donors who make this possible.”


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