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Hope for Henry Ch. 2

Last year was the first time, we were able to partner with Hope for Henry. Out of the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, this is an organization which helps children through cancer treatments. This charity is dear to my heart, as my friend's daughter has spent the last years of her life fighting this battle with cancer.

Your donations motivate these children to take each step towards recovery every day. Quite literally. As you can imagine, cancer treatments are awful. So, to incentivise the kids, what HfH (Hope for Henry) has done is created a prize cart, with an accompanying cash system. Children can earn Henry Bucks as rewards for finishing steps on their road to recovery. These Henry Bucks can be saved and spent on rewards to buy toys on the cart.

Since we're all Lego nerds here, it wouldn't surprise you to hear that the Lego we donate is often the most desired gift from the selection. Thank you.

As a special note to Lego; last year it took some consideration while shopping on black friday to find useful sales and sets that weren't on clearance for obvious reasons. In 2022 however, the sales and selection were some of the best I have seen them. Many kids are going to be blessed this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

Lastly, a year ago I shared that the girl who made me aware of Hope for Henry was finishing up her cancer treatment. This year, she is now cancer free! She walked the halls for the last time, gauntleted by family, friends, heroes, and servants, coming at long last to ring the cancer-free bell at the end of the hall. It's a long journey for these kids. Your donations brighten the darkest of days. So when you hear bells this Holiday, perhaps picture standing along a long hall, watching a young warrior ring a lone bell far at the other and brightest end.

Sincerely, Sean


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