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Hungary 2022, annual LEGO donations by Creations for Charity

Hello and cheers this year again from Hungary!

We wish to thank again Nannan, the builders, the buyers, and Creations for Charity making it possible to donate the gifts to many children in need. CfC raised 25,025 USD this year.

Hungary received 1,500 USD this year, which was additionaly supplemented by another 1,500 USD from the Kockashop Team. With this amount, we were able to donate 5 organizations 165 LEGO sets. The organizations were:

- Autizmus Alapítvány Általános Iskola

- Kecskeméti EGYMI

- Reménycsillag Gyermekeinkért Alapítvány

- Mélyben és Reményben Alapítvány

- Ments Életet Alapítvány

The volunteers handed over these gifts the past days bringing joy and cheer to many kids in the country.

Let us show some pictures of our preparations and the handover to these kids. We were all very excited, as these sets were maybe their first LEGO sets in their lives!

Thank you, dear builders and everybody who donated or purchased LEGO items! We hope the CfC and this activity will live forever!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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