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McDonough Georgia - 2021

Thanks to the support that Creations for Charity receives every year, we were able to supply $3000 worth of LEGO sets for the needy children of McDonough Georgia. That comes out to, almost 180 sets. We partnered up with Operation Lunchbox to make sure these sets found the right home. Operation Lunchbox provides non-perishable foods for children in Georgia every week. They work with schools to provide bags of food for over 1500 children to take home on a weekly basis and they are always looking to add more kids and counties to their out reach. We look forward to this time of year because of what Creations for Charity does for needy kids across the world and because we get to play a small part in the distribution process. We at Eclipsegrafx want to thank all the people who participated in raising money through Creations for Charity. We always want to do more but we are grateful for the small part we play in the grander scheme of this. Lets continue to break records next year!

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Thanks for the update. Great work!

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