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Sales Wrap-Up

Chris and I would like to thank everyone for their donations and purchases this year with Creations For Charity, and making it as successful as it was.  As the Sales Coordinators we had the privilege of listing new MOC’s and promoting the fundraiser as best as we could.  Creations For Charity had some amazing contributors this year, and hopefully next year there will be even more!  The response was very positive from everyone we’ve spoken with from the buyers to the donators, and the community in general.  Without the generosity of the buyers and donors Creations For Charity wouldn’t have been as successful as it was, and you can see some of the amazing contributions in the previous posts.

Last year, Creations For Charity raised over $9,000, and this year it was, unfortunately, considerably less, coming in at $5,700, a decrease of almost 40%.  The Global economy definitely had an impact on the fundraiser this year.  In speaking with other sellers on BrickLink from around the globe, looking at our own sales at Brick-A-Thon, and speaking to other businesses in our travels, many have noted that they’ve seen their sales down 35-45% on average.  While it’s disheartening to know that people haven’t had extra money to support such amazing causes like this one, it’s wonderful to be able to say that we’ve raised as much as we have and that there will be a lot of kids benefiting this year.

Some interesting numbers to share, 31 people from 8 countries donated 134 custom creations, of which 41 were donated by a single person! 39 different buyers purchased 66 items, which means we still had 68 items that were not sold even when prices have been lowered to their minimum allowed by the donors. Of the buyers, over 60% were US based, with a total of 8 countries represented in the other 40%.

It was a lot of fun being able to help this year as the Sales Coordinators, and we wish Creations For Charity a lot of success in the coming years.  Thank you all for your support this year and start thinking about MOC’s for 2012!

Tracy & Chris Dale


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