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Special thanks to our 2015 direct donors

We owe a huge thanks to the organizations that made direct donations to our fundraiser this year. Their contributions accounted over $6,000, that’s more than a third of the total raised this year. This year marks the most we’ve ever received, and I’d like to share a few words from each group on their continued support of our cause.

Brickworld has always targeted charities that benefit kids with the money raised at the Esther Walner Memorial Charity Fundraiser held every year at our Chicago convention. The people participating in the fundraiser all support doing whatever we can to benefit kids. Creations for Charity fits perfectly in this mold as it is not only about kids, but it is also about LEGO sets bringing them some comfort.

We chose to support Creations for Charity because it really embodies what the whole LEGO community is about: sharing and giving with one another. All of us at BrickUniverse love that Creations for Charity brings the whole community to together for a great cause -bringing joy to underprivileged children during Christmas time through something we all love: LEGO.

We feel grateful to be able to help support a cause that is close to our hearts. Our community and staff are filled with adults who were once inspired by LEGO as children and who understand the positive impact it can have on young lives. Thanks, Creations for Charity, for bringing that inspiration to future AFOLs and for involving us in the process. It feels great to “pay the LEGO forward”.

We have been big fans of Creations for Charity for many years. As avid LEGO fans we deeply value the ability of LEGO to serve as a creative medium enabling anyone and everyone to take ideas and concepts and turn them into physical things. We like supporting Creations for Charity because of it’s unique ability to harness the talents of the Adult Fan of LEGO community for the greater good. We hope that through leveraging Beyond the Brick we can raise awareness of the charity and help to spread awareness of it to a larger audience. Creations for Charity is a fantastic organization and we hope that through our 24 hour live stream we are able to lend a helping hand to the overall cause.


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