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Wollongong, Australia - 2019

Once again I am blessed to help out Nannan and the amazing Creations for Charity group in spreading the joy of giving LEGO gifts to sick or underprivileged kids around the world!

I think this is at least my 4th year of organising the LEGO donation to Kidzwish, and I really look forward to continuing to spread the Christmas cheer. In addition to the funds sent from Creations for Charity, GongLUG members Graham and I again donated over $23000 Aus to Kidzwish through the running of the LEGO exhibition, Illawarra Annual Brick Spectacular.

Children with disabilities and illnesses from as far as 400km away benefit from the programs and generosity Kidzwish provide and I couldn’t be happier to continue to support them.

Merry Christmas to all and a big thanks again to Nannan and Creations for Charity!

A boot load of LEGO goodness for delivery to Kidzwish

100 sets stacked up at home


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