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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Creations for Charity located?

We are an online-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the US (Employer ID Number: 81-3162510). We do not have a physical location, and our coordinators are located all over the world where they donate Lego sets locally using the money we raise each year.

How are funds used to benefit kids in need?

The money raised in our annual fundraiser are distributed to our coordinators towards the end of the fundraiser to purchase new Lego sets that they will donate to a local organization of their choice serving underprivileged children. These places include shelters, orphanages, hospitals, schools in undeserved areas, and more. You can read about exactly where we donate each year and see photo from each donation location on our blog.

How can I donate a creation?

Donations of creations are accepted from October 1 until when the store closes on December 1. We welcome anyone to donate a creation by filling out the donation form on our home page, and there is no limit on how big or small it is as long as you can mail it. The earlier we receive the donation form, the sooner we can list your creation for sale in the fundraiser.

Can I make a monetary donation?

Absolutely! Monetary donations are accepted via PayPal. You can also make a monetary donation through Tiltify during our annual 24-hour live stream on the day after Thanksgiving.

Where are items shipped from?

Creations will be shipped directly from the country of the builder, which is listed in the creation's description.

When can I buy a creation?

Our annual sale runs from October 15-November 30. New creations are added throughout that time so check back often!

The prices seem high. Why is that?

These are the original and one-of-a-kind Lego creations by fan builders, several of whom are among the best at what they do. All creations are custom designed from the builder’s imagination, and any given creation could take hours to days to build. The prices are reflective of typical commissioned works within the Lego community. Plus, shipping is already included in the cost of each item.

Are there discounts available?

Towards the end of our sale period, we will often discount remaining items. But don't wait too long, because once a unique item has sold there won't be another opportunity to get it.

How and when will I receive my item?

After you purchase an item, we will notify the builder of your shipping address and they will ship it directly to you. Please keep in mind that our builders are not professional sellers or companies, so they may need some time to properly pack and ship the creation to you. Most builders do their best to ship an item within a few days of receiving the order. If you would like to check the status of your order, please contact us and we will reach out to your builder for an update.

Can the builder autograph my item?

Yes! If you would like your item to be autographed by the builder, please put a note in the special instructions of your order and we will let them know.

Do the models require assembly?

Some models may require some reassembly due to their shape and how they are packaged for shipping. This should be manageable if you have built with Lego before, but if you have any trouble we're happy to help contact your builder for guidance.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the US and our Employer ID Number is 81-3162510. This means that contributions from our US donors are tax-deductible.

Still have questions?

Send us a message with the contact form on our home page and we'll get back to you!

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