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2023 fundraiser wrap up

Our 15th annual fundraiser was a huge success, bringing in $33,265 to help us buy and donate Lego sets to kids in need across 17 locations around the world in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland. The sets were donated to diverse local organizations such as outreach programs, hospitals, shelters, ministries, special education centers, and more. This is the most number of places we have donated in one year since our start in 2009, and we couldn't have have done it without all the support from the generous donors and volunteers from the Lego fan community.

Our biggest donation of the year came from Brick Convention, a family-oriented Lego show that takes places across the US organized by Lego fan Greyson Riley. Brick Convention donated $15,000 to our fundraiser, allowing us to bring in new and returning coordinators to give Lego in more places. On top of this, our annual 24-hour live stream in its 10th years presented by Beyond the Brick raised over $11,000. It was a lot of fun to watch and interact with Lego fans across the world who joined the stream hosted by Josh Hanlon and this year's co-hosts Cody Ottley and Aubree Kovatch. We also had Lego builders auction creations throughout the stream, which was well received and will be a staple of the stream going forward. Lastly, we raised over $5,000 through our signature feature of selling one-of-a-kind custom creations donated by builders around the world. As always, we had rare gems like sections of the legendary New Hashima, a gameboy by Lego Masters Australia finalist Nick Lever, and a coveted trophy from the Brickscalibur contest. Items like these are added routinely to the store from October 15th to November 30th, so it pays to check back often to catch a rare find!

We hope to see you in the holiday season of 2024 as we kick off our next annual fundraiser with accepting donations of custom creations beginning October 1st and with the store opening on October 15th. Mark your calendars for the 2024 live-stream taking place the day after Thanksgiving on 11/29/24. Until then, play well!

Nannan Zhang

Creations for Charity founder and president


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