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Building Chicagoland Up with Windy City LUG

I’ve been involved with Creations for Charity almost every year since the first fundraiser in 2009. It felt like a progression, from my first donated MOC raising $20.50, to at one point having the record highest money raised by a single MOC, to getting UW-Platteville’s Residence Hall Association involved. Coordinating raised funds in the city I love so much was that next step. Enter Windy City LUG (WCL).

Nearly all WCL's donated sets, with Dan (left) and Melanie (right).

This was a full WCL team effort. My longstanding friendship/professional relationship/mutual admiration of CfC founder Nannan kicked off the coordinator conversation. Moira’s connection with Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, got us in touch with an organization in need. Several members were our deal hunters, securing $750 of extra value in our allotted funds from discounts and deals.

The sets were transported in two cars full.

Once WCL had all our sets stockpiled, our President, Dan, and members Melanie and I hauled our donations to Advocate Children’s Hospital, Park Ridge, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Throughout the year, staff at this hospital gift toys to patients bravely facing their daily challenges, such as 6-8 hour cancer treatments. Thanks to generous donations at set days throughout the year, nearly every patient is comforted with a gift of a toy.

Dan and Melanie hand off LEGO sets at the Advocate Children's Hospital Outpatient Center, Park Ridge, IL.

Staff could not express enough how desired LEGO sets are at their hospital. I could see each one of their faces glowing in awe with how many LEGO toys entered the outpatient center doors this December morning. WCL fulfilled the CfC motto of brightening the holiday season of our community’s underprivileged children, and I’m proud of each of our members building Chicagoland up in ways they best can.

LEGO is loved here!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Nick Jensen

Nick Brick


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