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Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 2022 Donation

Thanks once again to your incredible generosity, about over $2,500 worth of new LEGO sets were donated to support children in need. This year the donation was split between 2 nonprofits.

The Welman Project connects schools and nonprofits with the community in ways that ignite creativity, environmental activism, and social responsibility. They serve as a free resource, distributing materials from local companies for creative reuse in the classroom and beyond. They were beyond excited to have LEGO sets to distribute to low income schools to use for STEM learning.

29 Acres is a 501(c)3 providing transitional services for children and young adults with autism transition to independent living. They were so grateful to receive LEGO for their residents to use during their time in the program.

Thanks again for supporting a great cause and bringing the joy of LEGO building to folks in difficult situations!


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