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A Third Year of Hope.

Creations for Charity has been able to support Hope for Henry for the third year in a row! For those new to this story, here are the cliff notes. 

Hope for Henry helps children battling cancer. Each step of a child battling cancer contains its own challenges. Two steps forward is followed by one step backwards. Treatments are grueling and the road to recovery is wearying.

A few years back, I became aware of Hope for Henry through a friend who’s daughter was battling blood cancer. I watched the positive impact that Hope for Henry had on her and her family. In support of their passion for children, we at Creations for Charity partnered with them for the first time in 2021. One of the ways Hope for Henry steps in for these kids is to motivate each progressive step forward. They developed a system where children earn Henry Bucks when completing medical treatments and milestones. With this hard earned currency, child cancer patients purchase toys from Hope for Henry’s cart of treasures (Super Rewards for Super Kids). You and we at Creations for Charity know that the best toy kids could earn is Lego!

So with more Lego donated in 2022, our second chapter was marked with the joy of seeing my friend's daughter ring the bell. This bell signaled her cancer free victory after a long difficult battle. Her life road of options were now open, as hopes and dreams were reforged through her recovery.

Approaching 2023, there’s still a special place in my heart for Hope for Henry, though it’s changed over time. My personal connection to the front line on cancer is lessened, but my appreciation for the program has grown. In the past two years, Hope for Henry has increased their reach from twenty to forty hospitals! I am so grateful we get to be a part of such fruitful years, and to partner with them to brighten the lives of children battling cancer.

As we turn to the new year, we are amazed at the blessings we’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see even more love and kindness in 2024. Thank you for everything you do to encourage these children in their quest to regain their health. Through your generosity, limitless creativity, and precious time, you are making kids smile through the most difficult days of their lives. Indeed, a happier new year for many!


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