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Announcing the third annual Creations for Charity 24 hour live stream presented by Beyond the Brick!

We’re very happy to announce the third annual 24 hour live stream hosted by Beyond the Brick!

This year’s event will be building upon the last two years of successful live streams and taking the art of building with and talking about LEGO for 24 hours non stop to new heights! With 24 hours of non stop LEGO action, this is surely going to be something you won’t want to miss. From 5pm EST on Friday November 25th to 5pm EST on Saturday November 26th, we’ll be fighting off sleep to to bring you all kinds of LEGO goodness!

What exactly can you expect during the 24hr live stream?

  • The building of numerous LEGO sets.

  • Live builds with LEGO designers in Billund, Denmark!

  • The sorting of numerous LEGO parts. (Sorting LEGO with friends makes the pain that is sorting a little bit easier to bear, right?)

  • The discussion of numerous LEGO related topics.

  • At least one LEGO related presentation or talk as you would normally witness at a LEGO fan event or convention.

…and much, much, more!

If you would like to participate in this live event and join us on the air to do things with LEGO, please head on over to our lovely Google Form and fill it out and hit submit so that we can see about getting you on!

If you would like to simply watch the live stream you can do so by monitoring either or the BeyondtheBrickTV YouTube channel closer to the date. We’ll be updating with all of the latest information about the live stream and when we are live, you should also be able to view the live stream directly from the BeyondtheBrickTV YouTube channel.

During our last two 24 hour live streams, a few individuals pledged certain dollar amounts if the people participating in the live stream did “certain things”. This year we’d like to kick it up a notch. We’ve already had one viewer donate $60 to watch us destroy the Brick Bank modular building! By donating to Creations for Charity you’re directly helping to further its mission. In donating you also may or may not unlock the ability to make certain live stream participants do “certain things”. So, donate wisely and be creative!


Beyond the Brick, Creations for Charity, and LEGO fans like you from across the world!


The 3rd annual “Creations for Charity 24 Hour Live Stream Presented by Beyond the Brick”


5pm EST on Friday November 25th to 5pm EST on Saturday November 26th


Please visit either or the BeyondtheBrickTV YouTube channel to view or find out how to view the live stream

See you on the internets!


The Beyond the Brick Team


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