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Building together virtually in Nick's Lego Program

Nick Casertano, host of Nick's Lego Program, brings together kids from low-income communities to participate in weekly Lego building activities. We were happy to help when we heard they needed some new Lego sets to host the activity at Henry Street Settlement, a social service agency that serves New Yorkers through social services, arts, and health care programs. We purchased and donated 50 copies of set 11001 to the program and the kids had a blast building them and showing off their creations in the weekly virtual program. Here are some words from Nick on how the program went:

"Because of Creations for Charity's kindness in buying 50 sets for my LEGO program, I was able to have weekly LEGO programs with many kids from rising 1st graders to rising 3rd graders. I held these programs every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours for most of July and August. We built things ranging from spaceships to rainforest animals over the many weeks that I had the program. But this kind gift from Creations for Charity allowed me to do more than building with the kids: it truly allowed me to bond with them. I told jokes and riddles to some of the kids and I also had many conversations with them ranging from the weirdest thing that we have eaten to the music that some of them listened to. I greatly appreciate your support of my program and thank you for making a difference in so many children's lives who otherwise wouldn't have this unique creative opportunity."


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