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Creations for Charity 2020 Austria

For the first time ever we donated LEGO in the name of CfC to children in Austria. It was quite hard because of Covid-19 and lots of regulations in Austria regarding contact-free distribution and so on. After some searching we found an organization for children who are not in a situation to get such great products like LEGO. We've donated lots of sets to the organization "Kinderdörfer" (SOS Children's Villages), which provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children in need.

This was the bunch of sets we donated:

Due to Covid-19 we had to ship it to the organization but they were so kind and provided some photos (due to privacy reasons they did not take photos showing faces of the kids)

We also would like to thank CfC for this great opportunity to support children in need or at least children without parents and the lack of chance to get such great products like LEGO.




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