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CfC Austria - 2021

For the second time in a row we were elected to donate LEGO in the name of CfC to children in Austria. It was again quite hard because of Covid-19 and lots of restrictions in Austria regarding contact-free distribution and so on. After some research we decided to support an organisation for children again who are not in a situation to get such great products like LEGO. We've donated lots of sets to the organization "Sterntalerhof", which is a child's hospice and family harbourage.

We picked about 100 Sets from different size and age range for the children there. Here's a overview what we packed for them.

Again, this year we were not able to overhand the sets personally so we packed lots of big parcels to send the sets to the organisation.

Unfortunately due to holidays and illness of the responsible person there we got the "thank you" picture quite late. Due to privacy rules in Austria/of the organisation we cannot provide pictures of the children who received the sets, but here's the responsible person of "Sterntalerhof" who was really happy and thankful for the presents we shipped there in the name of CfC and us.

We would like to thank CfC in our and the organisation's name for this great opportunity to support children and make them happy. A smile of a child and see them happy - even in tough times - is the greatest present for adults and/or parents.

Thank you again!




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