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Cairo, Egypt 2022

Thanks to everyone who donated Legos, time, and money!

This year we donated Legos to several learning centers in Cairo, Egypt. The photos here are from the Innovations Academy, a school for very poor refugee children from South Sudan. Before we donated, they all said they were familiar with Legos, but very few of them said they had Legos in their home.

We also donated Legos to the day care center of the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE). The center cares for the children of very poor informal garbage collectors in Cairo. APE also turns trash into goods for sale. These photos below are from our donation to refugee children from Afghanistan, Eritrea, and other countries at the Sunnyvale Community Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Ádám Zovits
Ádám Zovits
Jan 31, 2022

I've wondered seeing the other reports why would a charity choose to spend money on licensed sets if basic building kits (the ones gifted here) have a lot better price / value ratio. Thank you for using the available funds economically!

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