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Creations for Charity 2011 starts today!

The third annual Creations for Charity fundraiser starts today! Once again, we look forward to builders from all over the world donating their Lego creations to raise money to buy Lego for underprivileged children. We are now accepting MOC donations until November 15 for our store that will open from October 15 to November 30. To donate a MOC, simply fill out a donation form. If this is your first time participating, you can learn more about us or read the FAQs.

As part of our efforts to expand the scope of the event, we now have a team of coordinators who will distribute the Lego sets in 4 US cities: Grand Rapids, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Los Angeles. In addition, our new website will contain updates to keep you informed of our current progress, announcements and more. We hope you will make Creations for Charity a frequent stop in the upcoming 3 months. As always, we are grateful for your enthusiasm to spread the gift of the brick to many children this holiday season.

Our store is now open for you to buy the custom creations donated by many talented Lego builders and customizers. In the past two weeks we have collected an unprecedented 35 MOCs for the store opening, and that’s only the beginning. We will be adding more items to the store as new donations come in. Don’t forget that you can donate a MOC until November 15, and it’s really easy. Meanwhile, head on to our store and see what’s for sale!


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