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Creations for Charity 2013 donations in Grand Rapids, Michigan

What a thrill to be involved again this year with C4C! As always, I am so excited with the response. Our goal has always been to supply the toy we love to kids who couldn’t otherwise afford them. They teach us so much about art, design, mathematics, and problem solving. They have been invaluable to us, and we strive each holiday season to pay that forward. Nannan has really taken the lead on this and yet again, we have been able to supply Lego to so many deserving children – too many to count. It is our way of paying it forward in the holiday season.

With the help of innumerable volunteers and people who donate their time, money, and passion for the hobby, we have put together a fantastic supply for Toys for Tots. Here in Grand Rapids, they are always so excited to see how much we have for them. When the faces of the adults working with T4T light up at the sight of all the boxes of Lego, you can only imagine what the faces of the kids will look like when they get them in their hands.

Also this year, for the first of what we hope will be many times to come, we received the assistance of The Lego Group itself, which donated boxes of Lego to be distributed at our various locations. You can read more about that in the posts of the other Distribution Coordinators.

Thanks so much to everyone who puts this event in place and makes it work. It is worth every second, every penny, every brick.


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