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Creations for Charity in Saskatchewan 2016!

A HUGE thank you to Nannan and Simon for including our area in Creations for Charity this year!  I’ve built and purchased for the charity in the past, but being able to pass along the benefits to kids in the Regina area was truly special!  I was fortunate enough to partner with a local independent toy store who gave me the opportunity to purchase sets through their direct ordering system.  Thanks to them, I was able to almost double the funds sent and purchase 90 sets! 

We have a number of organizations in the city who deal with kids all year, most of them having smaller numbers of come-and-go clientele.  As such, I tried to take sets to a few different locations to reach as many kids and as many types of kids as I could.

The Circle Project Children’s Centre was developed to provide quality, culturally appropriate programming for the North Central community of Regina.  Integrated programming for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and children with special needs is provided according to their holistic philosophy focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and development.  They are inclusive, and provide care for 70 children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years.

I was able to hand out 24 sets to kids six and up, with the Friends and City sets being a big hit here!  They were encouraged to take them home to build, so that they wouldn’t lose any pieces! 😉

Since 1982, The Rainbow Youth Centre has been working with young people 11 to 25 years old in a variety of individual and group counseling, skill development, educational, recreational, and direct service programs. The organization strives to meet the needs of our youth as they grow, develop, and change.

I was able to hand out 40 sets to young teens, most of them choosing the more challenge sets to work with!  Many of them dove into the sets right away!  All of them were very appreciative of the sets, saying ‘thank you’ over and over again.

I strayed out of my home area a bit for the last donation.  The Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon is a short walk away from the Royal University Hospital and Saskatoon Cancer Clinic.  The house hosts kids and their families when treatment away from home is needed.  Due to the nature of their guests and possible ailments, the house does not have many toys that are sharable from child-to-child.  Having something the kids could not only play with at the house, but then take home once they are well is a great benefit.

I was able to give the remaining sets to the staff at the house to be handed out during the holidays.  They were very grateful for the donation.

On behalf of the kids of Saskatchewan, I would like to thank Nannan and the supporters of Creations for Charity (builders, buyers, donors) for this opportunity.  You have brightened the season for many kids, and I hope we can do so again in the future.

Happy Holidays!

Adam Dodge

SLUG Ambassador


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