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Dallas Donations Wrap Up

The Spirit of Giving

As a kid, getting LEGO for Christmas was something I looked forward to with great joy and anticipation. I would spend a great deal of time staring at catalogs and wishing for anyone of them to be by the fireplace on Christmas mornings. On those mornings, opening a box of LEGO was a magical experience and memories that I will cherish for a life time.  I signed onto this charity because I hope to create the same feelings I felt in children who are going through a difficult time in their lives.


My strategy was to wait on a really good deal and pounce on it! The end result: I spent $1155 on $2429 (52% savings) worth of LEGO sets! I bought the bulk of the sets from Target and Meijer who were having 50%  and 60%  sale respectively.  Here’s a picture worth a thousand words 70 sets.


In November we published a story about Justin, a brave young boy, who was fighting against a terrible type of cancer. His story is very touching and I wanted to do the same for thing for the other boys and girls who are ill.  So this year, I have distributed these sets to 3 different Children’s Hospital (Dallas, Plano, and Southlake) and Make-a-Wish HeadQuarters (Irving). I hope that these sets will provide comfort for the kids and I wish them all a speedy recovery.


“We hardly ever get LEGO donations because they’re so expensive but all the kids want them”, these were the responses I got from the representatives of the Children Hospitals. I thought I’d share that with you because your contributions have a made a meaningful impact on a child. With LEGO being so coveted at the hospital, you’ve no doubt created fond memories like those I’ve felt on Christmas mornings. Thank you for your selfless acts of generosity, you all have BIG hearts. I also want to thank my fellow CFC2011 teammates for their contributions, you guys/girls rock!

Thank you all and happy holidays!

Warm regards,

Ethan (Donut)


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