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Donation in Toronto, Canada

I’m Joseph Opara, I’m an ill tempered half hispanic/half slavic Canadian. Owner of Quick Build Bricks, former President and now Coordinator at large for TOROLUG (The Toronto LEGO User group), Admiral of Fun for Bricks in the 6, and obviously I’m also a Coordinator of Creations for Charity  I produce silly livestreams, run a Bricklink store, and build some fun MOCs

It was a great honour to take part in this year's donations. I added my Creations for Charity donation to the massive TOROLUG pile. Contributions went to Emily's House, Denise House and Red Door Shelter.

This year we raised $33,000, unlike my first year I took my time and grabbed items on deep sales throughout the year to lead to a greater number of LEGO sets getting in the hands of children who need it.

Jeffy-O from ToroLUG delivered our massive donation, everyone was excited to receive brand new LEGO sets. It was a great experience to be involved in the donation process. Thank you  to much to everyone who played a part.

The portion from creations for Charity was 183 total LEGO sets about $4300 CAD in sets at full MSRP.

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