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Michigan Wrap-up 2016

At C4C, we have always believed that while we were growing up with Lego, it was secretly teaching us math, design, engineering, art, and problem-solving. We started out wanting to share that opportunity with kids who cannot afford Lego in their lives.

This year, here in Grand Rapids, my wife and I realized that those same kids don’t care about all that other stuff. Kids have three basic instincts: to build, to play, and to destroy. In essence, while Lego might have all those incredible traits, it is, most importantly, fun.

We decided to make our donations this year to the kids at Helen De Vos Children’s Hospital and use the opportunity to share with the kids who don’t get to go home for the holidays.

We used our allotment this year to purchase a huge amount of sets while saving an average of 30% off MSRP – an accomplishment in itself. With the help of our new contact person, Amy, we were able to donate them all to the kids, but due to health privacy laws and the risk of infectious diseases, we were not able to hand the sets out directly, but we turned them over to the staff and they took care of that for us.

We were thrilled to play a part in helping so many kids gain useful skills while simply having fun, and we look forward to working with HDVCH again in the future.


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