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2017 Donation Wrap-up from Grand Rapids, Michigan

What a thrill to work with a new group this year for our Lego donations. After much deliberation and consideration, we opted to go with a slightly smaller group this year, namely, the Billy Bear Hug Foundation.  There are several similar groups throughout the U.S., providing teddy bears to children in need comfort and permanence while battle life-threatening illnesses.

Billy Bear Hug here in West Michigan has a youth advisory board and after a stringent application and screening process, selects high school age students to be part of their non-profit team. Not only do they collect teddy bears, but they had partnered with Hospice of MI to do their donations, wrapping each individual bear and Lego item so kids whose families aren’t able to have a lavish to-do for Christmas can experience the joy of having their kids open something solely for them.

Due to the sensitive nature of children with illness, we weren’t able to capture any images of the children opening the gifts, but we are happy and excited to be working with the Billy Bear Hug foundation this year.

Thanks to the generosity of those who donated and purchased from this year’s sales, out Michigan chapter was able to purchase nearly $1400 worth of Lego for only $1000, and turned that into 60+ brand new Lego sets of various sizes and for various ages.

Sharing Lego with those who can’t enjoy it otherwise, it the reason we do what we do. Thank you to all who had a hand in this year’s event. You can learn more about Billy Bear Hug here, and check out our new C4C Instagram account here.


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