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Australian Creations for Charity 2017

Australian Creations for Charity 2017

Wow! What a fantastic responsibility again this year to help needy kids have a great LEGO Christmas. Many thanks to Nannan and the crew behind Creations for Charity as well as all the great AFOL’s who build, donate and purchase the creations.

Nannan got in touch with the global representatives asking if we were keen again to help out local childrens charities. I quickly jumped at the opportunity again!

Fellow SydLUG member Graham and I again put a call out to other SydLUG members to assist with cash or set donations, and were again impressed by the generosity of our members.

This year Graham ran another raffle on GoFundMe to members of OzLUG, but put up even more prizes for peoples $5 ticket investment. Needless to say with Graham’s history of having run the raffle the year before and offering more choice to the winner, the response was even stronger, raising $2800 Aus. This allowed us to purchase about 140 sets!

With the donation of $1575 Aus from Creations for Charity, and the raffle cash, Graham and I set off again to make the most of the cash. We hit up a local branch of a Australian retailer who had a 20% off sale and they were kind enough to offer a further 10% off. This allowed us to purchase even more sets, about 90 or so.

In addition to this we had another donation of 176 sets including advent calendars.

So armed with approximately 400 sets we headed to the Kidzwish storage facility a week before their major kids Christmas party. With over 4300 kids and carers attending this year, it was a great feeling thinking that so many kids had a chance to choose a LEGO set for Christmas.

Graham attended the party as a volunteer and enjoyed handing out the sets to many happy kids on the day. Looks like LEGO was a popular choice!

Thanks again to Creations for Charity, they have really kickstarted our local fundraising efforts for needy kids and we look forward to continue the great work again in future.

Cheers Josh


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