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C4C 2019 Donations in Brazil

As always it’s a great honor to be part of this project. Creations for Charity can change lives forever, starting with my own. Can we imagine how many children will never play with Lego? Here in Brazil maybe 70% of them, that’s why it’s so important for me. Bringing Lego to those kids won’t change that percentage much, but for those kids who got this awesome toy it will change their life 100%. This year we visited two orphanages, the first one with 16 kids (Centro de Vivência 2) and the second with about 20 kids (Centro de Vivência 1). While in the past years we played with the kids and took some pictures, this year they changed some rules so we can’t share pictures of the children. I hope that the simple gifts brightened their holidays or maybe bring some hope for them. Thanks Nannan for the amazing opportunity, and thanks everybody that donated something for Creations for Charity. See you next year !!!


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