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C4C – Toronto, Canada

As we round the corner to another year, and another holiday season, it is my pleasure to be once again part of Creations for Charity. Not just donations, but a little bit of purchasing, and most importantly distributing the sets that the money everyone helped raised. In years past we have donated to two hospital wings, a women’s shelter, and this year we decided to focus in on children directly and donated to Toronto Children’s Aid Society. The CAS is Toronto’s child protection services, which provide support and other services to parents; and when necessary provide safe and nurturing care for children and youth who are unable to live at home because of family problems.

Thanks to my wonderful present elves: Eric L, Julie V and Nick D, we were able to get 72 LEGO sets at deep discount and worth just under $2,900 CAD:

The CAS is always looking for LEGO, as it’s a frequent request by parents and children, but is rarely actually donated. So when we contacted them offering our donation of roughly 50 sets, they were ecstatic. So much so that several representatives were emailing and leaving phone messages to make sure everything was in order!

Due to the exceptionally good year we had a C4C we were able to go out and push a bit more and get an additional 22 sets over my original budget!

Sadly I do not have the “loaded car” photo this year – as my car wasn’t big enough for the entire donation and had to get some help delivering it…. Hopefully this will be a continuing problem that I can’t physically move the entire donation by myself 😀

As always, none of this is possible without the generous donations and purchases by the AFOL community, So thank you from bottom of my heart for help making a difference.


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