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Creating Strong Connections to Chicagoland

Windy City LUG (WCL) has grown significantly since 2022, the LUG's first year coordinating donations on behalf of Creations for Charity. Our expansion invited even more generous members willing to lend their time and talent in service of underprivileged children in Chicagoland.

Windy City LUG with over 90 donated LEGO sets at Brickworld Holiday Joy 2023.

WCL members searched far and wide for enticing themes and good deals, purchasing 90+ LEGO sets to donate. With all the sets gathered at the inaugural Brickworld Holiday Joy expo, we set course for Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

As it was in 2022, grateful, cheerful staff greeted WCL at the hospital's outpatient center. LEGO is always loved and appreciated there. A gift of a LEGO toy is a gift of hope and comfort to children enduring hours of treatment daily.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year!

Nick Jensen

Nick Brick

WCL member


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