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Creations for charity 2014 – Zagreb, Croatia

Hello from Croatia. First of all, I am very sorry for the delay. After 30 years living in Zagreb, I moved to a different town and to a new job, so it was extremely busy period in my life. I tried to establish some contacts with local orphanages but they weren’t cooperative as I hoped. It was also Holliday season, so most of staff was on vacation and children were taken to temporary foster homes.

Finally I decided to make a donation in Zagreb with help of my parents who still live there. We have chosen the same home as last year – Dom za djecu Zagreb. Around 70 kids are accommodated there – from newborns to early teens. We bought the sets in LEGO store in Zagreb, who also wanted to participate, and generously offered us up to 25% discount on most of the sets. As always visiting the orphanage was quite emotional and touching. Sadly, we couldn’t play with them this year, as the flu epidemic was raging, so we could only wave to them through the glass.

Once again thank you all for giving me the opportunity to help someone in need and making those poor kids a bit happier. I would also like to thank my parents who kind of did almost everything for me this year. They aren’t quite good with technology though, so the photos didn’t turn out as expected. Once I arrive in Zagreb I’ll scan the recognition letter we received as thanks from “Dom za djecu Zagreb”.


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