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Creations for Charity – Hungary, 2017

We are very happy and honoured to participate again, for the fourth time in row, in the Creations for Charity project. To share the experience of playing with LEGO and help the ones in need is very important to us and being the part of this movement enables both of these things.

This year we were able to distribute 63 LEGO sets in all, among orphan children and kids in need at the three largest regions of Hungary. Statistics show that LEGO is becoming more and more popular among the people of Hungary and with this year’s donation we feel more up-to-date than ever. It can be referenced to the notion that people of our country discovered educational possibilities in LEGO. In this way, we are very happy to involve those children in this, who otherwise could not reach the benefits and merits of LEGO and can find a grip that they can use in their future studies as well.

All in all, we would like to thank Creations for Charity for this amazing project all around the World. This opportunity is very important to us and we could not do it better without this venture. We wish amazing holidays to all the children and paricipants of Creations for Charity and hope that all of You will find many joy and happyness (with playing with LEGO) in the next year!

All the best,



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