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Creations for Charity – Toronto, Canada 2017

Every year for the last five years I’ve contributed to Creation For Charity, and last four acting as a coordinator. You’d might think it would get a bit boring or routine by now – that you get into a grove to donate creations and buy sets and drop them off….

But it really isn’t. The impact of Creations o f Charity is anything but routine. From the unique creations built by some of the most amazing AFOLs around, to the profound impact that set has to a child – that’s magic…

And I’m immensely proud and floored every year to see just how generous all the MOC donors are, and the generous buyers and sometimes both! It’s your spirit that creates all this magic…

Again I’m privileged to be given the ability to distribute LEGO sets to children in Toronto. Again we decided to go with Toronto Children’s Aid Society, which which is the our equivalent of Child Protective Services as well as provide support and services to children and their families:

We manged to donate 42 sets (…no, I didn’t rig the number… I wish I had) – from the $1,300 USD donation we managed score about $2,200 USD in pure ABS magic! And always a special thanks to the amazing C4C elves at ToroLUG: Eric L, Brad W and Vivian L for various wheelings and dealings to get all of these at substantial discount! While this isn’t as big of a number as last year, we managed to get some REALLY big sets which has been a bit of departure from our usual budget 🙂

Every year the Children Aid’s Society call me up and ask if Creations for Charity can help again. LEGO is the most requested item from parents and is an infrequent donation, so a large LEGO donation is cherished and always in need.

And it wouldn’t be a Creations For Charity post without again measuring the donations against the size of my poor car …. while I was able to fit the entire donation in one carload this year but not without some discomfort this driver 😉

Happy Holidays everyone, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your continued generosity and support – it means so much to not just to me, but to every child who’s holiday season is just a bit more magical.


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