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Lego Donations CfC Switzerland

Update: Dec 18, 2022

Yesterday we were able to hand over the CfC Lego donations to Mrs. Anita Eichenberger, the founder and CEO of the Petit Suisse foundation.

We are very happy to donate 100 Lego sets that Petit Suisse will incorporate in Christmas gift boxes for underprivileged families as well as make individual donations to families in close cooperation with local governments and social services.

Anita told me, that this year, already more than 400 volunteers have helped to pack boxes and gifts, or helped to deliver them across the country.

I am really thankful to all who supported CfC for making this possible.



Update: Dec 11, 2022

I am very proud to join the CfC family this year in my role as Distribution Coordinator for Switzerland and Social Media Manager.

During the last 2 weeks, we have been receiving the Lego sets ordered from the funds of this years edition. We will donate 100 Lego sets to Petit Suisse which is a volunteer organization active in the whole of Switzerland focused on supporting underprivileged children and families with (young) kids.

Petite Suisse is active since 2007 and has many ongoing activities and projects for which they work closely together with government bodies and social services.

The sets are sorted and packed, and next week we will visit Petite Suisse and hand over the donations. Stay tuned for next update!




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