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Australian Creations for Charity 2018

Once again a huge thanks to Nannan, the Creations for Charity team and the greater AFOL community for giving me and others the opportunity around the world to help out disadvantaged kids to a LEGO Christmas!

Armed with another sizable donation from C4C, $1700 Aus, and another cracking success for Graham’s LEGO raffle, raising $2800 Aus, we hit the stores looking for discounted LEGO for the Kidzwish Christmas Party. The Kidzwish Foundation hosts a yearly party catering for over 4000 disadvantaged and disabled kids from Sydney to the Victorian border! You can read more about the great work they do here

Graham and I hit the stores and bought up big! 240 LEGO sets from themes like Friends, City, Star Wars, Ninjago and more! This was one of our trips to the shops!

Here is a better look at the haul

The Kidzwish team were once again amazed by the number of sets we were able to donate.

The Christmas party was another massive success, here are some shots of some happy kids with their choices.

Yet again it was an amazing effort, and we are so glad up to 240 kids could go home with the Christmas gift of LEGO putting a smile on their face.

Thanks Nannan and team for 2018!


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