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C4C hits Australia again!

Wow, what a crazy year 2020 has been! Once again I was overwhelmed with Nannan and C4C's generosity in offering us almost $2000 Aus to spend on needy kids for a LEGO Christmas. Graham and I, co-founders of GongLUG, shopped around to stretch the dollars as much as we could to buy as many sets.

This year Graham chipped in $1000 and his wife Danielle's business also donated $1000. A mystery donor also threw in $500 towards the Kidzwish Christmas Party. We have supported the Kidzwish Foundation's Christmas party for many years now. KidzWish | Home (

Here are some pics of the huge LEGO haul we were able to purchase!

Well in excess of 260 LEGO sets.

That's a lot of sets!

Josh (left) and Graham (right). We love helping out kids charities with LEGO and LEGO fundraising shows

It always packs in so neatly....never arrives that way though :)

Kidzwish looks after the health and wellbeing of thousands of sick and disadvantaged kids over a wide south coast area of NSW. We have been lucky to help Kidzwish in spreading the joy of LEGO to so many kids over the years and this year was no different.

Obviously Covid did affect the usual indoor celebration. It was instead moved to the Symbio Wildlife Park to allow greater numbers to attend an outdoors environment.

Graham was able to run a Covid safe Brick pit for the kids on the day

Happy LEGO boys

This makes it all worthwhile

Kids who weren't able to attend the Kidzwish Symbio Christmas party were also paid a visit from Santa. Santa dropped off loads of LEGO to Peterborough and Para Meadows Schools for children of many disabilities. Santa and Kidzwish were also able to deliver loads of LEGO to Wollongong Hospital Children's ward, but due to Covid, were unable to visit the kids directly.

Thank you so much in helping us once again distribute the amazing toy that is LEGO to so many needy kids. It really feels amazing every year!



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