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CfC 2020 donations in Brazil

This was the image of the year, the biggest smile under a mask. We cannot see it but we can feel it, we are living in a different world since the last CfC happened: no more contact, no more hugs, no playing together. We are trying to make a little difference by helping those who need the most. I know that it's not such a big change in the world, but for these kids we made a difference that day. This year we visited the project VIVER, which helps more than 50 kids, with classes of dance, theater and a variety of sports.

CfC 2020 was special for me, imagine all those kids almost all the year just doing things by computer. It was an amazing day together, of course with everyone taking the proper precautions.

Unfortunately this year the kids couldn't build with us. They received the Lego sets to build at home.

Thanks Nannan for the amazing opportunity, and thanks everybody that donated something for Creations for Charity. I hope to see you next year !!!



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