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Creations for Charity 2021, Donations in Manitoba, Canada

My journey started with a hypothetical question from the very talented Adam Dodge which quickly turned into being introduced to Nannan from Creation for Charity.

I thought it would nice to let the organizations pick the Lego they wanted themselves and then be able to pay it forward to another organization which helps kids. On giving Tuesday, I set my plan in motion. I let my wife pick a local organization that was close to her heart; allotted 1/5 of the donation to a friend that coordinates our LUG’s donation for the Children’s hospital, and then contacted a youth organization I had dealt with in the past. I then let them nominate another organization they thought could use Lego as well. In the end, we stretched the C4C donation to 5 different groups which we all brought to the Lego store in Winnipeg to pick out sets. Never had I seen such diligent shoppers who tried very hard to stay within their budget while at the same time maximizing their money. We kindly picked up the taxes and minor overages to help stretch the donation even further.

The groups we donated to on behalf of C4C were Genesis House (Women’s shelter), Children’s hospital of Manitoba, Art City, West Broadway Youth Organization and Wolseley Family Place.

Thank you for the opportunity to reach out and help others in need,

Sincerely Chris and Melinda Abrams

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Enjoy all the updates. The photos of the youngsters here are especially nice. 😊

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