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Creations for Charity 2021, Donations in Toronto, ON, Canada

My name is Joseph Opara, I collect too much LEGO, run a Bricklink store and I am soon to be the president of ToroLUG (The Toronto LEGO User Group) It was a great honour to be contacted by Nannan Z to take part in this year's donations. I decided to donate ⅓ of my donations to ToroLUG's contribution to Emily's House, ⅓ to a fire house near my new place and the final ⅓ to a fire house near my old place.

This year we raised $35,000, I took the money and ran to the LEGO store, a local LEGO seller and grabbed few sales here and there with other retailers to finish up. I had a big pile of LEGO in my living room, except this time my wife couldn't get mad at me for it.

It was a funny coincidence that I was also delivering ⅔ of the donation from Creations for Charity, when the ToroLUG Daily Advent Challenge was "Charity" so I decided to recreate it in LEGO.

I dropped off the sets at the designated donation areas at both firehouses and handed my ToroLUG portion to our own coordinator and everyone was excited to receive brand new LEGO sets. It was a great experience to be involved in the donation process. Thank you so much to everyone who played a part.


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