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2020 Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area donation

Thanks to your generosity, about $2,000 worth of new LEGO sets were donated to support foster children in their placements. Texas has nearly 30,000 children in foster care and thousands waiting to be adopted. Children of all ages, due to the death of their caretaker(s) or parent(s), sickness of their caretaker(s) or parent(s), or abuse or neglect by their caretaker(s) or parent(s) are placed in licensed foster homes every day. They often come with just the clothes they are wearing, or possibly a trash bag of items they could quickly pack to take with them.

Chosen Ones is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides children and foster parents in those situations as well as adoptive families with items that have been donated for the children to have.

Thanks again for supporting a great cause and bringing the joy of LEGO building to children in difficult situations!

Read more about Chosen Ones here:


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