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Creations for Charity 2023 Donation in Vila Velha, Brazil

What a great privilege to be part of this incredible project called Creations for Charity. My name is Gil Chagas from Brazil, this year we chose a group called Ambassadors of the King in the city of Vila Velha to deliver the wonderful Lego sets. There were 54 children blessed by this initiative called C4C, it is always very good and rewarding to see on each face the joy of receiving and playing with this wonderful toy that enchants adults and children. Unfortunately here in my country few children are able to access Lego sets, so it is impossible describe in words the joy of these children when they receive the toy.

Thank you to everyone who in some way contributed and was part of the C4C collective effort this year. Thank you Nannan for allowing me to bring a little joy to these children in my city.

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