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Downunder Xmas Bonanza

Wow, another crazy Covid year has passed by. 2021 was challenging in NSW, Australia with a long period of months in lockdown. GongLUG emerged in time to start donating LEGO to lots of great causes. One of those was Creations4Charity! With the help of Nannan and his dedicated team of volunteers and all the amazing builders who donated their creations for fundraising, GongLUG was flush with funds to again purchase LEGO sets for needy/disadvantaged kids!

This year our usual charity was unable to cater for a large Xmas party, so we decided to spread the love around a little. Our local government member, Ryan Park, member for NSW runs a Christmas appeal to donate to SAHSSI, Supported Accommodation & Homelessness Services Shoalhaven Illawarra. SAHSSI provide crisis support for families escaping domestic violence and those experiencing financial hardship. Often times the parent needs to be interviewed upon arrival, and a LEGO set provides great distraction for the children who are scared and uncertain.

Armed with a bumper donation, Graham and I from GongLUG, were able to purchase over 70 LEGO sets! This is a huge donation! Ryan Park and his staff were blown away by our donation!

Hopefully this means some less fortunate kids can have a more pleasant Christmas, or help during a difficult time throughout the year.

Once again, thanks to Nannan and team for allowing us to again spread the joy of giving LEGO to less fortunate kids worldwide!

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