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Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA - 2019

As we move forward into a new decade, I am reminded of all the things that can change in our lives in a year. Marriages, babies, new adventures, new experiences. Birth, death, friendships, excitement, loss.

But I am also reminded of things that seem to always stay the same. Seasons, sunrises, wit, love, compassion. The greatest things in many of our lives are the constants.

One of those constants in my life is C4C. It is here annually to remind me how invaluable is is to give of ourselves, to create and support environments of hands-on learning for kids who may not get much exposure to it. It reminds me that a kid’s needs include creating, playing, and destroying. All the fancy names for what they learn along the way don’t really matter to those kids. All they know is that they are having fun.

I am also reminded this year of all the work and outreach our friends at the Billy Bear Hug Foundation do each year with their outreach to children with life threatening illnesses. I am proud of what we do at C4C, and proud of what we accomplish thru partners like BBH Foundation. This year we were able to spend $1200 USD and purchase 97 new Lego sets for this outreach.

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