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Hungary, Europe: Creations for Charity 2021, Donations in Hungary

This year has been very difficult. I guess for everyone.

Thanks to Nannan and all Participants taking part in his Creations for Charity Movement we can make the Year-End always a little brighter.

Here in Hungary lots of Organizations are trying to donate families, children in need. Year to year we are trying to reach as many of them as we can.

The pure fact that we are giving something these kids gives us energy and them joy and laughter for Christmas.

Here below you will find some pictures as we tried to document or journey with Creations for Charity.

First packages, first donations on their way:

Some of the many many CfC sets donated:

Arrival and first smileys when opening the packages:

We have donated over 240 sets to 7 organizations throughout the country.

Thanks again Nannan for making this possible!

We wish the kids, the participants and You a Merry Christmas!

the kockashop team (daniel)


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