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Creations For Charity Donations in Grand Rapids, Michigan

With 2020 being a whirlwind of ups and downs for most of the world, I must admit that I was very skeptical of how well our annual fundraiser might do this year. I am happy to say that I was proven wrong and that, despite the state of the world, we miraculously had out best year ever! What a blessing to be part of this wonderful cause again.

I have seen a number of people join our ranks over the years since our inception, and we have a really great and giving community supporting us in our endeavors. As always, thanks so much to each of you for your undying support for spreading the joy of Lego.

I have chosen the Billy Bear Hug Foundation again this year for my collaborative charity. I really love what they do for kids battling Cancer and I love their commitment even the most trying times. Because of the Covid virus, they were able to get even fewer photos of their prep and drop-off process than normal, but here are a few of what they have shared. Via their social media, they said, "Thank you to Creations for Charity for the donation of 65 Lego sets! These will bring a lot of joy to some well-deserving kids this Holiday and make great additions to our Cub Kits!"

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